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Here is a quick list of questions to ask yourself when starting your flooring project:

1. Volume: Are you doing one room at a time or going for all-at-once?

2. Budget:  What is the overall square footage divided by your total target cost? (This gives you a target cost-per-square foot). 

3.Durability: what volume and type of traffic will the room get? Kids? Pets? Weights and exercise equipment? Workshop with heavy tools and machines? 

4. Moisture: will this be a high, medium, or low-moisture area? (kitchen, bathroom, or basement? Attic? Living room?)

5. Cleaning: are you looking for high or low maintenance? Do your family members suffer allergies?

​6. Installation: will this be a DIY project or are you using installers?

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9511 N Council Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73162 


So many decisions. So many choices.

"Where do I start?!?!"

That's one of the most common questions

I hear from homeowners.

With all of the options available to you, making the right decision (which will be permanent, by the way) is a truly daunting process.

First of all, if you are ready to start right now, just call me. We'll schedule an estimate; I'll take measurements, and I'll walk you through the whole process.

If you're not quite ready and still want to do a little research ...

There are so many things to consider—some obvious and some ... not so much.

So, to make it easier, we've put together a simple PDF that will help walk you through all of those issues, especially the behind-the-scenes factors that, if ignored, could really cost you!

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:

- What products have lower price points, but still offer an impressive look?

- Which type of flooring is the most durable and carries the best warranty?

- What will give the best resale value for my home if I sell later on?

- What products are the best for a DIY installation?

- Why do I need to know about the manufacturing process?

- What if something gets damaged later on and needs repair?