There's a reason we have more than 70 5-STAR ratings!

Well, tons of reasons, actually. But hey, let's keep it simple! I'll give you the reasons that matter the most to YOU. First of all ...

I'm a true expert.

I have 30 Years of experience in flooring and installations.

In 1991, after exiting the US Navy, I began working as a carpet installer. I've worked with many well-known flooring retailers in sales, estimations, and project management.

Through these positions, I really learned what matters most to homeowners.

I saw that most folks have a lot of anxiety about their flooring projects before they even get started. They have so many questions like ...  

  • What kind of flooring will survive my kids and animals?"

  • "What products will be affordable on my budget but still offer the highest quality?"

  • How do I decide on the best look for my home when there are so many different options?

  •  Can I trust your installers to do an excellent job?

So, when I started J-Lan, I was determined to run my business in a way that my customers would not have to worry about these issues.

When you work with me, you only have one point of contact.

So you don't have to go through one person for sales, another for scheduling, another for installation, and yet another totally different person for warranties and guarantees.

AND NO MORE HEARING, "I'm sorry ... that's not really my department!"

​I handle every bit of that for you. Which brings me to my second reason:

I'm your tour guide and consultant!

Starting a flooring project is a big deal because ...

... your home matters!

And you really do have so many choices.

From hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, carpet, or luxury vinyl plank, to countless patterns, styles, colors, and layout options ...  picking the right look is challenging!

Not to mention all the "behind the scenes" issues, like your floor's exposure to moisture, the expected volume of traffic, the frequency of cleaning, and overall durability needed.

Are you a single owner with no pets? A large family with small children? Renting out on airbnb? All of these considerations factor into making the right choice. And choosing wrong could be costly!

But, as your tour guide and consultant, I will personally walk you through the entire process, taking an inventory of your specific needs, style preferences, budget, and quality goals, and helping you make the right decision. 

I can show you all of your very best options, along with samples, pictures, pricing estimates, quality details, and installation timelines.

I will help you plan every ... single ... detail. From start to finish.

And what's even better, I'll come out to your home, measure your space, consult with you about your "vision," and give you an estimate ...

For Free!

And there's no pressure. I'm totally confident that you'll love our service, our products, and our advice.

But I will never pressure you to buy. When you're ready, just give me a call and we'll get you started!

In the meantime, we can begin planning!  What's great about this part is ...

... Your vision, creativity, and options are virtually limitless.

Unlike many retailers, where you are limited to the inventory they have in stock, I have the most comprehensive product portfolio you'll find. 

So whether you want waterproof luxury vinyl plank in your kitchen, hardwood in your living room, carpet in your bedroom, or ceramic tile in your sunroom ...

​I have partnerships with all of the leading manufacturers, including (​but not limited to):


EJ Welch

Adleta Corporation

Shaw Carpet

Southwind Carpet Mills

Kane Carpet



Hill Country

Metro Surfaces

Happy Floors

& MORE!!


" It was probably the most pleasant contractor / vendor experiences we've ever had. (Total opposite of what we've experienced working with the "big box" stores!)"

"After months of frustration trying to get any flooring company to come out to Tuttle, Jeff graciously came to do a simple repair ... you would never know that he patched this spot" 

"With impeccable attention to detail and fair pricing you cannot go wrong. I love the job Jeff and his team did."


"We didn't think we'd be able to afford ... But ​Jeff made it possible"

"The price was affordable, the work was impeccable and the service exceeded expectations."

"I had called two well known companies prior and neither showed up to measure my home. I gave each two opportunities, but neither showed or called. J-Lan came when they said they would. I was also pleased with the price"

"We will definitely be using him for all our flooring needs in the future, and highly recommend him!!"

"He didn't try to pressure us to buy from him ... very helpful information..."

"Jeff went above and beyond helping us with our project. The installation was top notch."

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